Pakistan SG365 CO2 gas bottles steel coil price index


The toughness of steel such as SG365 CO2 gas bottles steel coil is the ability of steel to absorb energy in the process of plastic deformation and fracture, and also the ability of steel to resist impact load. It is related to and different from the plasticity of steel. It is the comprehensive performance of strength and plasticity. The strength plasticity index of steel is obtained by static tensile test. When these indexes are used to bear the dynamic load structure, there are obvious limitations.

Global SG365 CO2 gas bottles steel coil crude steel production in March this year increased by 2.6 percent month on month and fell by six percent year on year to 147.1 million metric tons. accordina to the World Steel Association (worldsteel).In the first quarter of this year, global SG365 CO2 gas bottles steel coil crude steel production decreased to 443.03 million mt, down 1.4 percent year on year.

We have full ranges of Gas Cylinder Steels, not only GB standard gas cylinder steel, but also JIG standard and EN standard materials. Such as SG255, SG295, HP265, P245NB, etc. The MOQ is 200 tons. For the gas cylinder steel coil, we can do SG365 CO2 gas bottles steel coil further processing in our processing center and provide you gas cylinder steel plates. And we can punch steel discs for your convenient use.

With our own engineers, metallurgists and CAD draftsmen, we can provide total support from design through to machined casting. OEM precision casting investment SG365 CO2 gas bottles steel coil casting auto parts, customized investment casting auto parts, custom precision casting automobile parts, truck casting iron fitting parts. Precision Casting: Tooling making → Wax pattern → Shall making → Chemical analysis → Pouring → Measurement & inspection → Heat Treatment → Processing → Finished product.

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