JIS SG295 equivalent Chinese gas cylinder steel GB6653 HP295 plate and strips

JIS SG295 equivalent Chinese gas cylinder steel GB6653 HP295 plate and strips Pageviews:

GB6653 HP295 steel is Chinese Gas Cylinder Steel">gas cylinder steel, equivalent to JIS SG295. GB6653 HP295 plate and strips are mainly used to make liquefied gas cylinders.The HP295 steel has a series advantages, for example: stable chemical composition, low content of P and S, pure, uniform internal structure and fine grains. Besides, its moderate strength, good plasticity, low yield strength ratio, no obvious yield platform, little difference in vertical and horizontal properties, excellent cold stamping performance are also outstanding.

Chemical composition of GB6653 HP295 plate and strips:

Grade C max Si max Mn. max P max S max Nb V Ti Nb+V Als min
HP295 0.18 0.10 1.00 0.025 0.012 0.05 0.10 0.06 0.12 0.015

Mechanical properties of GB6653 HP295 plate and strips:

Grade Yield Strength (Mpa) Tensile Strength(MPa) Elongation (%)
Thk<3mm Thk≥3mm
HP295 ≥295 440-560 ≥20 ≥26

GB6653 HP295 steel equivalent grades:

Chinese Japan EU Germany France England Italy Spain
HP295 SG295 P265NB (1.0423) HII BS2 Type B FeE27KR AE265KR

With low carbon equivalent, GB6653 HP295 plate and strips can meet the requirements of various welding processes such as automatic submerged arc welding and plasma welding. GB6653 HP295 plate and strips are mainly used for manufacturing welded liquefied gas cylinders.

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